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Playas Gemelas Sunset

I am back from my trip to Mexico! We had such an amazing time and I thought I would share with you some of our favorites from the trip.  We have been to Puerto Vallarta quite a few times before.  Up until a few years ago my in-laws owned a condo on the South end of the city. We were lucky enough to get to go and stay there almost any time we wanted and we loved it here.  The condo was beautiful and the beach was spectacular.  When they decided to sell it a few years ago we didn’t know how long it would be before we made it back to PV.  Fortunately it came up on our time share that we have, and we decided to book it.  We stayed at the Mayan Palace.  It was a nice resort with a beautiful pool and a fun, lively beach.  One nice perk is that it is only about 10 minutes from the airport.  This area we stayed  in is called the Marina District because it is very close to where the boats and cruise ships dock.  There are lots of restaurants and activities close by.

One of my favorite things to do is head into town.  The cobblestone streets and old Mexico structures give Puerto that traditional Mexican feel.  Puerto Vallarta has one of the prettiest ocean walks I’ve ever seen.  The Malecon, is what they call it.  It’s a boardwalk that boarders the beach for miles.  There are all sorts of restaurants, live music and shows, food vendors, and lots of fun people watching.  We love to go down at night and get some of the local food vendors creations, like the roasted corn with cheese or the strawberries and cream, but I think our favorite is the street vendor crepes.  They are made to order and you can put anything in them.  They have all sorts of fruit and syrups, even some dessert liquors.  They are out of this world!

Puerto Vallarta Sunsets

Puerto Vallarta Sunset

So if you are ever in Puerto Vallarta I’m going to fill you in on our most beloved places! They are a must-try in my book.


1. Fajita Republic – This is in the Romantica District.  It has a new modern ambiance with great service. They always bring out chips and salsa and also hicama and cucumbers to start.  The food is fabulous.  You must try the Fajita Presidente and the tortilla soup.  Their tortilla soup is hands down my favorite!!

2. El Carboncitos – This is a little street taco shop.  Now you may be a little worried when you see it, but trust me, you will not be disappointed.  They cut the meat off the bone and top it with fresh sliced pineapple.  They’ve got great sauces to drizzle on the top.  You will see how inexpensive they are and decide to have like 10!! They are THAT good!

2. Vista Grill – This is rated in the top 10 for restaurants in PV and after visiting you will know why.  The restaurant is set in the hills and the view is spectacular! The night we went there were fireworks out in the water and the city lights were so beautiful.  It is definitely a romantic atmosphere.  The food is amazing and service is top notch.  A must-try at this restaurant is their “Sexy Coffee”.  It does have liquor in it, so if you don’t drink try to spot it at another table because the presentation is so beautiful.  Sexy Coffee1

Vista Grill

Dining with friends at Vista Grill

3. Cafe des Artistes – I believe this restaurant is rated #2 on the foodie lists for PV.  It is set above downtown in this beautiful Mexican style building.  The white walls and dark wood are a perfect backdrop to the incredible food you will enjoy. We went here for our friends birthday with a large group.  The dinner was perfect and to top it off they did a huge birthday celebration at the end for the birthday boys!

4. Xocodiva – This isn’t a restaurant, but is a place to go for a sweet treat.  The chocolates are beautifully hand done and they taste amazing! You have to try the salted caramels.  They are my absolute favorite!

Places to visit:

1. I already mentioned the Malecon.  There are hours of entertainment to be had, or even if you want to enjoy a quiet night with the one you love.  The sound of the waves and the smell of the street food can put you in a Mexican Coma.

2. Hidden Beach.  This was a first for us and it did not disappoint.  I have to say we did not pick the best day, but it was still worth it.  We chartered a boat from the beach and then took about a 1 1/2 hour boat ride out to the Marieta Islands.  On the way out we saw  huge whales, dolphins and jelly fish. These are islands west of PV and resulted from volcanic eruption.  Playa Del Amor, or more commonly named Hidden Beach.  The island is uninhabited and were known to be used by Mexican government.  They believe that test bombing was the cause of this beautiful place.  The beach is invisible from the outside and can only be seen by swimming through a long water tunnel to get there.  Now like I said, the day we went was overcast and started to rain, so I have to admit the boat ride was cold, the water was cold and dark, and I was a little nervous, but once we swam through the cave and came out on the other side to this beautiful beach it made things a lot better.  I did not get a picture on the beach because none of us had a water proof camera, but I found this beauty on Google Images.

image/sheida iranmanesh.

one of the small beaches at Marieta Islands

one of the small beaches at Marieta Islands

3. Another family favorite is El Eden Canopy adventure.  It is up in the mountains of PV and a little bit of a drive by taxi, but it is a full day of fun.  This is where Predator was filmed.  There are 2 miles of zip lines, a waterfall pool and restaurant.  The kids love doing the rope swing into the natural water pool and sliding down the rock slide.

Sliding Rock

Sliding Rock


4. The Zoo in PV is not like the Zoos we’re used to in America.  There are monkeys, giraffes, turtles and one of the funnest things to see are the baby tigers.  Many of the exhibits are not covered in bars and so you almost feel as if you are up close and personal.  You can even hold the baby tigers!

Well, after filling you in on all my favorite things about Puerto Vallarta, I think I am ready to go back!! It truly is a place you can visit time and time again and experience new places, new food and new experiences.

Sunset at Mayan Palace

Thanks for stopping by, I’d love to know if you’ve been to Mexico and what your favorite place to visit is.  Leave me a comment and let me know!



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