Stress Free Soccer Party

My Avery loves soccer and has been on some fun teams the last few years.  It’s always hard to join a new team with people you don’t know.  I have to admit as a parent this is even hard to put myself out there and get to know the other parents.  About a year ago Avery played on a competitive team and we had such a great support from parents and coaches.  She learned so much that season from her coaches and team mates.  The girls became fast friends and they were all sad when the season ended.  We decided to host a soccer party for them so they could be rewarded for all their hard work.  We invited everyone over for pizza, games, and hot tubbing, which ended up being the favorite.

This party was really easy to throw together.  We had plenty of soccer balls to decorate with and I picked up some table ware at the party store.

I used a sheet for the table cloth and this chalkboard worked out great with our color scheme, so I decided to use it.

table set up

table ware

I came up with these little soccer trophies last minute with some things I already had.  Fake grass, plastic trophies and small soccer balls.  It was the perfect touch for the table and I love the pop of green with the red and black.

soccer trophy


close up of soccer trophies

As you can see I kept the food really simple.  Donuts, Oreos with candy soccer balls on top, red licorice, pizza and soda.  Anytime I am doing a children’s party I try and think of colors of food to go along with the color scheme.  It’s usually an inexpensive way to add in the color and it will always get used up!  As far as serving it goes, I already had black trays.  Here’s an honest tip, buy white, clear or black serving trays.  This way they go with any color scheme or theme and you won’t have to go out and buy new ones for every party.  Ikea is a great place to get inexpensive serving trays in neutral colors.

The party bags were filled with little treats such as soccer balls, rubber sports bracelets and candy.soccer party bags

The girls had such a great time and Avery was so happy to have her soccer friends over before the season ended.  This party was a cinch to pull together.

If you are wanting to throw a party but gets so overwhelmed with all the planning and prepping,  I have a few tips for you.

stress Free


Here are 5  tips for hosting a stress-free party:

1. Come up with a theme.  Ask your child or think about their favorite activities, colors, team colors, or interests.

2. look for stuff around your house that will work before you go out and buy it.  Usually there are items in your decor or your childrens that can be used for table center pieces or put on display throughout the party area.

3. Think of the colors you are using and find food items that go along with the scheme.  Fruit, candy,  & drinks always come in a variety of colors.

4. Keep it simple, kids really don’t care as long as there is food and fun.

5. Do what feels comfortable to you.  I love to throw parties so I probably go a little overboard, but if you don’t keep it simple.  The fact that you hosted one for you child will make them feel special and loved, no matter how fancy it is.

So next time your throwing a party or hosting an event remember my tips and I can bet it will make the party planning process less stressful.

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