Rules for Life

The upstairs in my house is girl territory! We have three girls so you can imagine the dolls, barbies, stuffed animals and craft supplies we accumulate. Last Monday I spent my entire and I mean my ENTIRE day and then some, dejunking and organizing this area.  I decided I better get a jump start before the holidays and more stuff takes over! I am happy to say it stayed pretty clean all week, but as I went to tuck the girls in Sunday night it wasn’t exactly how I hoped it would be.  My first instinct was to get upset and tell them to clean up, but then the thought came into my mind that this “mess”, wasn’t mess to them at all.  This mess was memories they had made with each other.  Not my memories, THEIR memories! They had set up houses for the American Girl dolls and there were Ever After High Dolls all dressed up in their finest.  The Beanie Boos (stuffed animals) were strategically placed in a row so my little one could tuck them all in for the night.  This “mess” I was seeing through my eyes was a play land for these girls.  I had memories flood back of  my sisters and me playing in our bedrooms.  We would do the same thing, set up houses, dump the whole barbie box out just to find that one shoe! These are memories I will always cherish and I realized that  these are glimpses of my girls lives that they will never forget.  Who am I to mess that up?

It reminds me of a John Mayer song (whom I love). It’s called ’83.  He says, “Whatever happened to my lunchbox, when was the day that it got thrown away? Think I should have had some say in that decision.” I know I am guilty of throwing away things that I think are “trash,” but don’t realize these things may be a memory for my children.  I committed to myself that night that my kids playing together and having fun is way more important than their cute, fun space looking perfect all the time.  Who needs perfect anyway!?!

Another thing that caught my eye as I went to tuck Avery into bed was this sign on her door.


Now if you look closely you’ll see that this a “Rule” sign for anyone that comes into their room.  At first glance I thought it would be stuff like no boys allowed or no parents allowed, but as I looked closer I saw such happy, beautiful rules! Have fun, laphe, (laugh), don’t be sad, be creative, don’t be a party pooper! I loved everything about this sign!  Shouldn’t this be a reminder for Life?!? It’s such simple things to do, but so hard to do when life can be messy and hard.

We have  “house rules” signs  throughout our home.   I love how they look and what they say, but after seeing this one posted on my girl’s door I realized they must notice these more than I do.  They have a meaning and a purpose and not just something to fill our walls.

IMG_0287 IMG_0288 IMG_0292The sign my daughter wrote with bright colors, misspelled words, in her own hand writing is my new favorite and will be my new Rules for Life!

Do you hang House Rules in your homes? If so, I’d love to hear your favorite rule and why!

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  1. Becca says:

    Love this!!!! You made me cry!!

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