Resolutions or Life Changes?

So the holiday bustle is over and let me tell you it was wonderful! We enjoyed our lazy days; watching movies, playing games, eating, LOTS of eating! I couldn’t have asked for a better Christmas break! I can honestly say that I love to have my children home with me.  There were times a few years ago I may not have felt this way, I mean I loved them home, but after a week I was ready for them to head back to school.  The fighting, the mess totally got to me.  And it still does, I just look at it differently now.  I don’t know what has changed except that the older I get the more I cherish every minute I can get with these precious souls.  

This was a hard concept for me to grasp when they were little and I was changing diapers and constantly cleaning up messes and fixing food all day long.  I thought that time was never going to end.  Mike was in dental school and starting his career when all of our children were born and that meant many long, lonely days at home for me.  I remember when Brooklyn was born.  It was January, our first year in Ohio.  It was the worst winter we had in the 4 years we were there.  The days were long with cloudy skies and freezing cold temps.  Mike was in the the thick of studies.  He would leave at 7 am, come home for dinner around 6 pm, and leave again to study until 11 or sometimes later.  I had 2 little babies that needed a lot of attention.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved being a mom, it was the one thing I had always wanted to do. And I was proud to support my husband in his schooling.  But I look back on that long, cold winter and life seemed pretty dark and gloomy.  Those were the days that I thought life would never change.  And fast forward 12 years later and life won’t slow down!  I never thought I would wish for those days again, but sometimes a tiny apartment, no money and sweet little kids to cuddle sounds nice.  

So this year I told myself before it all started that I was going to take time to enjoy this holiday with my kids.  I wasn’t so eager to clean up the aftermath of Christmas.  I ignored the huge tornado of dolls, barbies, toys and books upstairs.  They had so much fun building houses and playing dolls over the break.  I love that my girls do that together, even my 12 year old gets in there and plays.  I decided I wasn’t going to nag them everyday about this.  We took a couple of the days and tried to organize and get rid of trash, but for the most part it was just a lot of time spent having fun! And really, isn’t that what a childhood should be? 

We get so busy that when my kids aren’t busy it feels weird to me.  I do the same thing to myself.  Since when do I have to feel guilty for reading a book? Or taking a nap? Why have we let our society make us feel unsuccessful or less of a parent if we and are children are not constantly involved in something? Why do we feel the need to be “doing” all the time?

My new years resolutions were a little bit different this year than in years past.  Yes, I still had the typical lose weight, eat better, exercise more, but a few changes I made to the list:

“To do” less.

 Be more present in this beautiful life I have.

Take time out for ME.

Let go of guilt.

Do things because I want to do them, not because I should.

We are hear all the time that this life is too short.  I think this is becoming truer and truer all the time.  I am ready to slow it down, enjoy these amazing kids of mine, cultivate my marriage with my husband that I adore, enjoy my friendships more. Experience this life in new ways and make it better each day! 

I stole this quote from a friend off Instagram.  I totally love it and I’m choosing this as my mantra for the year!

“Our time to live is limited, and I swear, good enough never is.”


I’d love to hear how you enjoy your life? And things you’ve done to slow down? 

Thanks for stopping by! Cheers to a great 2015!!



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