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Oh, how I love to throw a party! I will find any excuse to have a get together.  I love to entertain people and create a good time for everyone.  One of my favorite types of party to plan is my kids Birthday parties! Call me crazy, cause I might be, but I remember thinking about my Child’s 1st birthday before he was even born! It is something I thrive on.  It gets my creative juices flowing and I love to see what ideas I can come up with.  

Today I wanted to share my last little one, Sophie’s 5th Birthday.  Sofia the First had just come out on Disney Channel and I found it fitting to throw my Sophia a princess party! The purple and yellow color scheme was so fun to do.  It is all about the details when it comes to throwing a party, and this party had so many fun details!   IMG_7543





Of course we had to have a “Royal Tea Party”. The table and chairs were just the right size for these little princesses.  I even displayed the cake and treats on a small table to make them feel like it was meant just for them! The girls all came in Princess attire and my little Sophia wore her purple Princess Sofia dress! Most everything I had on hand for this party.  The tea cups were all given to me by my Grandmothers.  The banner and table cloths I had used for another party. Honest Tip #1:  One thing I have figured out over the years is to keep as much as you can from each party.  I tend to like to throw things away and I have learned when it comes to party decor, if you have the space, keep it! You never know when you will be able to incorporate it again.  I honestly, have things from my son’s first birthday! 

I always use my entry way table for the Party Favors. That way I won’t forget to pass them out at the end of the party.  Have you ever done this? Because I have, and there is nothing more frustrating then to have half the guests leave and you suddenly realize they went home without their party favor!!!  For this table scape, I had jars filled with purple and yellow candy that they could take home and then their treat bags. The treat bags were filled with little girly things, such as rings, bracelets, Sofia the First hair things and candy! Honest Tip #2:  If I am doing a character based party I like to buy the posters at the store and incorporate them into the decorating. This is a really cute and inexpensive way to add detail to the party! 




I am no cake expert, but I do like to make my kids Birthday cakes.  It’s fun to get ideas and see what I can come up with. This cake I  made to look like Princess Sofia’s dress.  I was pleased with how it turned out, and Sophie loved it!


IMG_7550Thanks for stopping by today! I hope you’ve enjoyed checking out this Princess Party! I have many more parties I am excited to share with you so make sure you stop by again! Please remember to like and share this post! And if you have a party your proud of please share the link in the comments! 



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  1. I love Sofia the first. We watch a lot of Disney Jr. here and Sofia is my favorite. She resembles my daughter, I resemble her mother and I am single…so now just need the King to arrive. 🙂 Love all the decorations. Happy 5th to your beautiful Sophie. Mine own girl will be 5 soon and I want a Sofia theme, but she wants My Little Pony!

    • harmonyyoung2000@yahoo.com says:

      Thanks Michelle,
      It was a fun party to do! Good luck with the My Little Pony Party! I’m sure it will be great!

  2. What a darling party! I’m sure your princess loved it. I enjoyed visiting with you at BYBC. Thanks for letting me crash your lunch table.

    • harmonyyoung2000@yahoo.com says:

      Thanks Suesan,
      It was really nice meeting you and I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation. Lets connect again soon.

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