Normandie Place Update – Stop and Smell the Roses

Hey guys! I’ve been a busy girl over here trying to finish off the school year. My kids aren’t out for another week, but let me tell you that we are so ready for summer break! My kids moved to their new schools about 6 weeks ago and so I have been driving them to and from school about 25 minutes each way.  Needless to say I am in my car like my whole life these days! I am ready to settle in to summer and enjoy relaxing days by the pool and be living on a non-schedule for a few months. My kids are at ages that I really do enjoy having them home.  Of course, we have the bickering and the mess, but they are old enough now to help when I need them and solve some of their own fights.  I finally feel like I’m not playing referee all the time, and its so nice!

I’ve also been working on the patio at Normandie place and trying to get it spruced up for some backyard parties this summer.  The yard is in full bloom and is getting so beautiful!back patio The last homeowner left an old little bistro set and if you know me I love a good DIY project.  There was no way I could throw it away and I knew with a little paint I could rescue it and make it pretty again.  Unfortunately, that project isn’t quiet complete, but will be soon, so I will wait and show the reveal of that later on the blog.  You can check updates on my Instagram.  Follow me @honest_harm.

Most importantly I’ve been spending a lot of time planning out my new kitchen.  We are actually met with our friends at Mountain Land Design today to pick out appliances.  They have a great show room and if you live in the Salt Lake area I would highly recommend them.  They have professional staff who can work out design layouts and find exactly what you need.  I thought I’d highlight a few pieces I have been looking at.

I love this stove because of it’s large griddle.  We had one at our last house and we used it almost every day.  It is so convenient to cook eggs, pancakes, and  bacon. We used it for grilling veggies and chicken too.  I haven’t quite decided if I will just get the range top or the whole stove.
(Image from Subzero-wolf)
How gorgeous is this Miele built-in coffee maker?  I love my coffee! This machine does it all.  Grinds the coffee, makes cappuccinos, espressos, and latte’s.
(image from Miele.com)
The other thing on my list is large refrigerator.  I had the luxury of have two fridges at my last house, but I will not have two at this one.  So I need a nice big fridge to fit all the food for  our family of 6. The Subzero fridge I’m looking at comes in different dimensions that you can customize to your space with a fridge and freezer combo.  I love the shelfs and storage drawers in it too.
A few other musts are a wine cabinet, ice maker, and of course a dishwasher.
So, as you can see I lots of decisions to make in the next few weeks.  It’s exciting and a little overwhelming all at once! Let me know if you have any of these appliances and if you like them.  Or if there is something else you think I must have, let me know that too.
I’m so grateful to at least have the backyard to spend the summer in because the house is quite a disaster right now! I can’t wait to have it all finished.  But I guess for now I will enjoy the beautiful roses that are blooming in my yard.  Each day they get better and better.  We all definitely need to take time and smell the roses!Rose
Have a great day!


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