Normandie Place “Before” Pictures (Part 3)

Well friends, Normandie place is moving right along.  I’m really hoping to have demo complete in the next few weeks.  We are going to meet with cabinet designers this week and get going on the layout for my kitchen and master bath.  I’m excited for this part of the renovations and feel like I’ll finally get to use my design abilities a little bit!

The last of the “Before” pictures I’m posting today are of the basement.  I think this part of the home needs the most work, especially when it comes to HVAC and the electrical.  It is a total nightmare down there and once we can get all new wiring and vents it will look likea night and day difference.  This area is going to be the 3 girls bedrooms and then we’ll have a nice size family room, some storage closets, wine cellar and laundry room on this level.

The basement stairs are tight, but we’re hoping to open up the ceiling a little bit. I love the old window in the stair well.

basement stairs

This will be Sophie’s room.  Were hoping to level the floor and remove any piping that runs through here.  We will use an adjacent hall closet and open it up into her room for a closet and under stairs reading nook.



This will be Avery’s room.  We have to move a door and open up her closet to create a little more space for her.

averys -closet



This original half bath we are removing  all together.  It will end up being the hallway and we will be moving their bathroom into an existing large closet.




The family room is nice and bright white, but needs some love.  We will be removing the vent, the window coverings and the whole fireplace wall.  I haven’t white decided about the white bead board yet.  What do you think?




This is going to turn into a nice little wine cellar.  I’m thinking of adding some brick and shelving in here.


The “hot tub” room  kind of creeped us out because the hot tub had been filled in and it had a very musty smell from the years of humidity in this room.  I overlooked all that and knew it would be a great bedroom for Brooklyn.  It’s a nice size and will have a great walk-in closet for her.





This is the HVAC I was talking about.  The unit is huge and takes up most of the hall way.  We will condensed all this and add a laundry room in this space.


This closet is going to be the girls bathroom.  It will have enough room for a tub/ toilet room and then a double sink vanity.




So, now you’ve seen the whole house! I know some of you may think we’re crazy! I know Mike thought I was when we first went to look at it.  I just had this vision the first time I saw it of how wonderful it will be all restored and new. I can’t wait to finish raising our children in this home and bring it back to life.

Thanks for stopping by today! Please comment below and let me know what you think!

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  1. Erika Clark says:

    Lookin good. Cant wait to see the transformation!!!!

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