Make them feel loved

I think Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to show those you love how much you appreciate them and care for them.  In our house the word, “love” is used daily! I love the word “love”!! I honestly, think you can not use it enough with your children and spouse.  I want them to know and feel how much they mean to me every single day.  It is important for me to say it and to show them by the things I do for them.

 It became tradition a long time ago to host a “fancy” dinner for my family for Valentine’s Day.  My kids love it and look forward to it every year.  The dinner usually involves music, candlelight and a little something special for each person.  We always go around the table and say what we love about each person that is there.  Sometimes we will invite guests, but most of the time it is just a special night for my favorite little people.  I thought I would share some ideas with you on things we’ve done and maybe you will be inspired to start a fancy dinner of your own.

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Here some other ideas I found on Pinterest. There are endless ideas!

The Dating Divas have a way cute idea for a Cupid’s Cafe.  It even comes with free printables.


These italian sodas would be so fun for a dinner or even for a snack at a class party! You can check them out at My Honeys Place.

Here’s a great dinner idea for the kids on My Sister’s Suitcase

Whatever you do for your Valentine’s this year, make sure they know how much you LOVE them! Thanks for stopping by! Come back soon!



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