Love is in the air…

Hello Friends,

It’s the week of Valentine’s and we all know what that means… Chocolate!! Ok well maybe chocolate and a lot of love to go around! We have been busy making valentine boxes,decorating cookies and autographing all those love notes to pass out at school.  I have had a few minutes to decorate for the occasion and I thought I would show you the cute DIY signs I made.

I have had two square wood wall hangings in my garage for almost a year with the intent on taking them to the thrift store, but I never got around to it and I’m sure glad I didn’t.  They were perfect for my Valentine signs!

These were really simple to make.  I covered one in gold polk a dot tissue paper I had purchased from  Hazel & Ruby.  I slapped on some modge podge and smooth it out all over.  Next I cut out a big heart, laid it over the paper and then painted the entire surface.  I glittered the cursive love embellishment I picked up at Hobby Lobby and glued it on.  The other board was covered in cork, and I decided to keep it that way.  I printed a big X and O off the internet and cut it out so I had a stencil.  Then I used modge podge and painted inside the letters, covered them with glitter and let it dry.  The arrows were done freehand with a little help from the hubby, (he has a steadier hand then I do!) These signs honestly took me about an hour to do and they make a perfect addition to my mantle!




I like to add a little bit of pink and red throughout the house just to make it festive.  Here are just a few more pictures of what I have!

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