Life Happens

sunsetIt’s summer!! I’m so excited for school to be out and to get to spend time with my kiddos. With that being said, this blogging thing kind of went out the window for the last few weeks of school.  They were a bit crazy and I found myself overwhelmed by even thinking about what to write.  I finally decided I need to write something, even if it was just a bit.

Do you ever feel so passionate about something and then a week or two goes by and you realize your focus has totally shifted?  That’s been me lately. I kind of beat myself up in my head over it too, but the last few days I have decided that LIFE HAPPENS!! We don’t always have time to workout, write a blog post, clean out the dogs cage, make dinner, pull all the weeds outside.  Life gets busy and there are so many days I get done and wonder what I did today because there is nothing tangible to SHOW for that day. I let this get to me, wear me down a little bit.  But I’m realizing when I do this it pretty much consumes me and then I don’t do anything but focus on what hasn’t been done.

Summer is a time for me when this really happens.  There may be days I don’t DO anything but hang with my kids at a pool or sit out on my patio with my hubby and have great conversation.  Maybe it’s hiking with a friend that turns out to take my time that I was going to go grocery shopping.  Do you have days like this? These to me are the days that MATTER! This is what life is about.  Don’t get me wrong, those things, that TO DO list does have to get done. I actually feel good when it does, but I have had to learn to not feel bad when it doesn’t.



We all hear the saying that life is too short.  As I get older and my relationships with my family and friends mean more than anything to me, that saying hits close to home.  This past week we had a death of a young girl in our neighborhood.  She was killed in a tragic car accident right down the street.  It made me evaluate how quickly life can change.  It put a whole new spin on the way I’ve talked to my kids and husband this week.  I haven’t hesitated to tell them I love them twenty times a day.  Even if I was annoying them.  My time with these precious souls is what life is all about.IMG_7224

So at the start of this summer I have decided to tell myself that LIFE HAPPENS.  When there is dishes in my sink, or laundry that needs folded I’ll let it go if it means embracing what life gives me.  Time with my children to laugh, have fun, be creative, listen.  If it’s patio talks with Mike, summer concerts under the stars, late night TV watching. A phone call with one of my sisters, a letter to my grandmother, a visit from my parents.  All these things may not be on my TO DO list, but they are the things that make this life wonderful!

Happy Summer, my friends!



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