Heartfelt Gifts

It’s Friday!! And today is a good Friday because I get to see my mom and sisters!! They live in Idaho and so we only get to see each other a few times a year.  Today we are meeting up in a half way point to spend the night and have a little Girl Time!! I like to bring gifts when we get together.  I’m a gift giver.  I love buying things for other people, and so this year I came up with a gift that was pretty, but also something they could use.

Every year at Christmas time my mom & dad write a Christmas story and give a copy to each family.  They have been doing this for about 5 years. The stories are usually an embellished tale from their childhood.  This past Christmas my mom wrote about a Christmas from our childhood.  She included pictures of us from years gone by.  It was a tender moment for me having my dad read it to all the Grand kids and to think back about all the good memories I have of Christmas time. IMG_1037

I came home and decided I wanted to keep my stories in a binder that I could leave out all year long and so

mething I could display.  I found these burlap binders at Hobby Lobby and decided they would be perfect.  I then added a little personal touch to each one.  I found these Martha Stewart stencils at Michaels and stenciled “Stories” on the front. After that I added this fabric tape to the front.  If you haven’t tried this yet for your crafting, you really should! It’s awesome! And they had so many great patterns and colors. 





I wrapped them up with an Easter towel and some fun ribbons.  I know that they will love them.  These were cute and simple gifts that are heartfelt and something they can keep always!IMG_1049

Thanks for taking the time to stop by today! 



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