Halloween Home Tour

I have to say that I love decorating for Halloween almost as much as I do for Christmas. There is something about the color combinations, the spooky vibe and feel of lace and glitter that I adore! I have found lots of my inspiration from other blogs and home decor magazines and I love how it has come together. So I thought I would share some of my Home decor with you all. I love to decorate in black and white and then add pops of color here and there. Lace and velvets are great too for Halloween.  So if your Your ready, I’d love to show you around!
My mantle is probably my favorite thing to decorate. It’s quite large and gives me plenty of room to fill. The background is just old book pages stapled to cardboard. I antiqued the edges a little bit to add some more texture. I then just started layering with the old window, some antique silver I picked up at the thrift store and a black feather wreath. I also included some thriller novels by Stephen King to give heights and create more dimensions. I also purchased the books at the thrift store for just a couple of dollars.  After that I added in some fun skeletons, bones and a skull. The finishing tough was the lace and bat garland.

Fireplace Mantle


Fire place mantle


This is the sofa table that I again decorated with black and white. The tall candles give it an eerie glow at night and I love when they reflect in my window.

The chevron pumpkin I purchased at Target a few weeks ago.  I love how it adds some pattern and whimsy.

Sofa Table

skull basket


My entry way table is draped in lace and then I added a candelabra, a spooky glitter house and the best part are the creepy witch hands I hung from the wall. I purchased these at Grandin Rod a few years ago.  Don’t they remind you of Snow White?



The kitchen table is also draped in lace and a big black bird cage with a crow inside makes for a creepy feel. Again, the candles on the table add a pop of color and an eerie glow at night.  I purchased these hanging balls at a boutique a few years ago.  They have “Boo” written on them and I love how they complete the space!


The last place I’d like to show you on my Halloween home tour is my front porch. I made these lace pumpkin topiaries a few years ago and I love them. I added some big spooky spiders and a tomb stone sign. The pillow on my front bench adds a bit of whimsey and pops of color also.



So now that I share my Halloween House with you, I’d love to hear about your favorite holiday decor.  Leave a comment and if you liked the tour please share!  Thanks for stopping by! Trick-or-treat!

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  1. Your home is always decorated amazingly! You’ve got quite the creative eye

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