Graduation Party Ideas

Hello Friends,

I’m kind of in disbelief that I am old enough to have friends with children that are graduating, but I am!

One of my best friends, Daynia,  moved to Memphis last summer. I was not very happy and I’ve missed her every day since.  They have kids ranging from 8th-12th grade. This family is one of the best around.  We got to enjoy some time in Lake Powell with them last summer before they left and had a blast.  She was excited to go, but her kids were all a little nervous about it.  Fast forward 9 months and her kids couldn’t be happier about the experiences they’ve had.  Especially her daughter who is a senior.  They all have done great!

She graduated last week and my friend threw her the cutest Graduation Party.  I so wished I could have been there and I honestly teared up when she sent me the pictures.  She did such an amazing job, I asked her if I could highlight it on my blog.  Of course she said yes.  She did tell me many ideas came from Pinterest, but who’s don’t these days? She added some fun personal touches to the party.  

This is Bailey and her cute group of friends

So if you have a graduate or will have one in the future you will want to scroll through for some great ideas.

Love this idea of a photo wreath.  So cute and would be great to put anywhere and something they could keep in their dorm room too!


Love the balloons and the color theme! It just screams Party!!

This may have been my favorite thing of all.  How cute is this collage wall done on an old pallet.  It’s rustic, but with the gold frames and the silver balls hung in the shrubs. I think it just adds so much elegance.

Dying over this cake! And yes, she and her sister made it!! 

Here’s the cute graduate!!

Another use with a wood pallet.  This burlap banner is adorable and goes perfectly above the food table.

I have to say I am really impressed with this great party.  I hope you loved all these fun ideas as much as I did!  Thanks to my friend, Daynia for letting me share it.  And Congrats to Bailey!! I know she is going on to do great things!

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