Fun Find Friday

Hello, Happy Friday! How many of you are freaking out that Christmas is less than 2 weeks away?!?! I may be, just a little bit, ok, maybe ALOT!! I really need to start wrapping or I will be up all night on Christmas eve.

 I’ve been out this week shopping (yes, I’m still shopping) and found some really cute stuff to share with you guys today! 

picstitch-4#1 how adorable is this snow globe? I am a sucker for anything with a scooter on it and when I saw this one in blue I couldn’t resist.  My dad owns a Vespa Scooter and a few years ago I bought a little Honda one and I just love them, plus they are really fun to drive! I purchased this globe at Target for $14.99.  It would make a really great gift too!!

#2 So I know I am supposed to be shopping for everyone else this time a year, but I saw this sweater at Nordstrom Rack and loved it!  I love the roses on the front and anything black and white.  It was $34.99.  

#3 Thanks to Costco I don’t have to make my own peppermint bark! Oh my gosh! Have you tried this yet? I’ve been buying this for a few years to take into my husbands office and I have actually never tried it. But the other day one of the kids opened it and I thought, I’ll just have a little bite! Ya, I ate the whole piece! It is delicious!! The white and dark chocolate along with the peppermint, oh my!! Go Get SOME!!

#4 Have you play this game yet? Spot It might be one of our new favorite games.  They have started making them with themes like this baseball one, but they also make just a general one too.  Brookie wanted this one for her teacher because she loves baseball.  This is a game that the whole family loves and we can play it for hours.  This would make a great family gift for someone! I think it is about $12.99  We got it at Target, but I know you can get them other places as well.  

Thank you for stopping by today!  If you have something you found this week that you love, let me know! I would love to feature it on here! Happy Shopping and (wrapping)!



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