Fright Night Ideas!!

With Halloween only a few days away I decided I need to start thinking about what we’re going to have for our annual Fright Night Dinner! I try to have this all planned before the big day, because, HONESTLY, we all know the day of Halloween is crazy!! So I started to look back through some of my previous years ideas and thought I would share them with you!


Frankenstein dip


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Picture 1: How darling is this Frankenstein dip? My very talented Sister-in-law, Dawn throws great Halloween parties.  She came up with this yummy cheese ball dip.  The hair is olives and the face is made up of veggies and pickles.  So creative and fun!!

Picture 2: The brain jell-o was a hit with the kids.  This is just a brain mold.  I’ve seen them at craft stores and the Halloween Stores and I know you could find them online too.  It’s fun to add some gummy worms to the bottom before pouring in the jell-o to give it an even creepier look!

Picture 3: Shrimp cocktail is always a great one to serve at a party and when stacked on a platter  with red cocktail sauce like this one is, it just screams Halloween!

Picture 4: WHOO doesn’t love cupcakes? And this little owl is perfect for Halloween.  I just baked regular betty crocker chocolate cupcakes and then frosted them.  While frosting is still soft I added the frosting side of two oreos for eyes, (yes, my kids loved me because they got to eat the left over cookies, but you could crush them and use them another time). I then added an orange jelly bean for the nose and chocolate chips for the pupils.  These are a super easy festive treat!

Picture 5: I love caramel apples and when I saw this idea for caramel apple nachos I just had to try it.  Slice apples, drizzle caramel, melted white and milk chocolate and sprinkle with toffee bit, Oreos, cinnamon sugar, mini M&M’s or whatever candy you prefer.  Believe me, these will be gone in no time flat!! Another favorite fall treat for our family is my Gooey caramel popcorn. You can no go wrong with this one!!

Recipe for Gooey Caramel Popcorn:

1 can sweetened condensed milk

2 cups brown sugar

1 cube butter

1 cup corn syrup

Cooke on stove at medium heat stirring constantly, until the temperature reaches 238 degrees. (This get really hot, make sure to stir the whole time so it will not scorch). Pour over 10-12 cups popped popcorn.

This recipe stay gooey and soft. I usually put mine in a ziplock after it cools and it will stay soft for days!


Picture 6: Sorry this isn’t the best picture, but one year I decided to embellish my drink ware for a party.  I dyed corn  syrup with red food coloring in a bowl, then I dipped the glass rims into the mixture. The corn syrup drips down the glass making it look like blood!

Picture 7: We can’t forget the drinks! I just made a red punch and then again using my brain mold I froze green water and gummy worms and then put it into the punch bowl.  This is a fun easy way to add a spooky effect and the kids loved it!

Picture 8: I ran to Michaels yesterday and all their Halloween stuff was 70% off! Score!! I found all this great skeleton decor and decided that would be my theme for this year. Of course the black, white and silver  goes perfectly with my decorations. I will post pictures of our Halloween dinner!

I can’t wait to to create our Fright Night dinner after looking through some of these ideas!  I’ve also added some links of Fun Halloween food ideas I found on Pinterest.  I will be checking these out and I hope you do too!



So what are your favorite treats or traditions you do for Halloween?

Leave a comment and let me know, and don’t forget to share this post with friends!

Thanks for stopping by!

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