Friends, Get togethers and Bruschetta

Happy Summer!!! We are out of school and loving our non-schedule living!! This first week we have taken it easy.  I try and let my kids have a break from anything their first week out of school.  I think they need some time to decompress from schedules, to do lists and routine.  It’s all I can do to tell them to get busy and do something, but I’ve told myself to let them enjoy this time.  With that being said, next week we will start our reading challenge and this year I am incorporating a fitness challenge too.  Are you guys like me and have to force your kids to get off the couch? It really kills me and I decided to get them motivated I would have a prize involved.  Prizes always seem to work, even with my big kids!

We’ve already got to have some fun barbecues and get together with friends.  I am truly blessed with great friends! Some live close and I get to see them often, and others live farther away and it’s always a special treat to get to hang with them when they are in town.  Over Memorial day weekend our friends from Arizona came to visit.  We got together for a BBQ and had a great time catching up and spending time reminiscing about all the fun we’ve had together.  I met this great family through my son.  When we moved to Highland Cayden became friends with their son, Mason. He then was lucky enough to learn that Mason had brothers just a year younger and so it was like guy central at their house and Cayden, having all sisters, loved to go over and hang out with the boys.  Daynia and I didn’t become friends until the next year, but hit it off right from the start and our hubby’s did too.  Unfortunately, about a year later they got a job change and had to move, but we’ve been able to travel together and see each other often and we love it!


The clan

the guys

The boys being as cheesy as can be!

I tried a new recipe for our little get together. Strawberry bruschetta.  I had this a few weeks ago at an event and so I thought I’d make my own version.  They were so easy to make and super yummy!

strawberry bruschetta

Strawberry Bruschetta

Crostini bread cut into slices (I just have my grocer cut it for me in the bakery)

ricotta cheese

strawberries, cut into bite-size chunks


basil, minced



Put strawberries, blueberries, basil, balsamic and sugar in a pan.  Cook on medium until balsamic thickens and strawberries break down. Let cool.

Lay crostini on a cookie sheet and broil for a few minutes in the oven. Spread ricotta on top, while warm.  Top each one with the strawberry mixture.



I hope you’ll have a chance this summer to have lots of get together’s with friends and family. And if you do, I highly recommend bringing this Bruschetta to any event!!


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