Kitchen Design Inspiration

How many kitchens have I pinned on Pinterest or put into my Houzz folder, you ask? Oh way too many to count!! I’m starting to feel a little overwhelmed with deciding on what I want in Normandie Place. The options are endless and I feel like I have a style I tend to go towards, but then I’ll see something different and it throws me off a bit.  I’m hoping to use my blog to throw ideas off of you, my readers! And you can give me your opinions. I’ve been focusing my attention on the kitchen as I feel like this is the one of, if not the most important room in the house.  This really will be the hub for everything and is very close to the entry.  I definitely need to brighten and open up the space.  The ceilings are a bit lower in areas and so I want to give the illusion of it being grander than it really is.  I definitely will be adding white bright colors, but I for sure want lots of beautiful wood to add warmth and texture.  I’ve added some pictures of some of my favorite kitchens I have found so far.
I love this one because of the exposed painted brick and the open shelving.  Also, the wood floor is beautiful and the marble counter tops just pull it all together.
Kitchen Projects

The first thing that caught my eye in this kitchen is the lighting.  Those hanging lights are so gorgeous and give off such a warm pretty hue.  I also love the color of the island and the subway tile backsplash.

Broadmoor Kitchen with Beverly Bradshaw Interiors

Photo found on www.Houzz.com

What do you think of this white stove? I think it is beautiful and makes quite the statement in this kitchen.  I also love the shiplap ceiling.

Allikristé Coastal Custom Kitchen
The two elements that caught my eye in this space are the island and the ceiling.  I love the island color and also the detail on the sides, it  adds so much charm and character to the kitchen.  And the ceiling is just beautiful.  I think it adds height and brightness in the room.
Custom Kitchens
I think this kitchen may be my all time favorite.  Everything about it is beautiful.  The reclaimed wood on the wall and island add so much warmth to this space and also add those earth tones.  The lighting is gorgeous and doesn’t take over the space.  The Cypress wood on the cabinets and hood is so beautiful done with just a clear stain.  And of course, I love the open shelving too.

(image from: http://www.oldseagrovehomes.com/blog)

Wouldn’t you agree that all of these kitchens are so gorgeous? They have so many great elements I feel like I can incorporate into my own kitchen. Let me know what you think and which ones are your favorites! I’d love to hear your thoughts.

I hope you’ve found a little inspiration for your home too! Have a great day!!


Feelin’ the Love

Well Hello! Happy Tuesday to you! Thanks for stopping by my blog.  I really appreciate all my loyal friends and followers and the support you give me. So, Thank you!

Speaking of friends and support, I think I may have the best new neighbors in the whole wide world.  We haven’t even “moved” into the neighborhood on Normandie Circle yet and I already feel so loved and special. We were told when we went to look at the house what a great neighborhood it was, and I already know that is true. From the minute I met Angela, next door,  I knew we would be fast friends.  She loves to throw parties like me, they have 4 kids like us and the whole family is so easy to talk to.  They hosted a super great “Welcome to the Neighborhood” party last night for us.  They invited neighbors from the area that had kids close to our kids ages.  It was so nice to meet so many different families.  Everyone was so genuine and friendly.  It was a great night of new beginnings and another great start to our new adventure.

I thought I’d share all the cute details of the party and show off the talents of my new friend, Angela.


new friends



Yummy treats were had by all.  The presentation was so sweet.  She has such a talent for mixing patterns, layering all different textures and colors.


Gorgeous flowers that I got to take home.  How cute is the Home Sweet Home tags in the flowers and on the dessert table.


She hangs these adorable banners all throughout her home and I love them. She added one for the party that matched the tags and  said home Sweet home!


Here are just a few of the cute kids that came to meet my crew.  When we got to the party I heard Brooklyn say to Avery “that she was just going to stay by Avery all night”.  Well that lasted about a half hour and by the end of the night they were all in the living room laughing and joking around.  Music to my Ears!!


These cute little “get to know your neighbor cards” were on the front table when people walked in.  They filled them out with their info and some of their favorite restaurants, places to shop and things to do in the area.  I thought this was such a fun and useful idea.  These will definitely come in handy and was a great way for me to put faces with names after we had met everyone.



As you can see we were completely spoiled at our Welcome Home party! I was a little speechless that someone could go out of their way this much to make us feel so loved and welcomed.  I am so grateful for good, kind people in this world.  I know the next chapter of our journey is going to be a great one and has definitely started off on the right foot.

Angela, I know you will probably read this, and I do want you to know how amazing you and your family are! We couldn’t have picked better neighbors! Thank you!

And to my readers, thanks for taking the time to stop by! Have a great day!






Books Aren’t Just For Reading

I love to decorate with books.  They are a great way to add height to an arrangement, they add color to a room and most importantly they are inexpensive and easy to find at thrift stores.

I was recently at a thrift store and found some great finds. One being this huge dictionary.  It was in the perfect mustard yellow for my family room. I paired it with a few other books that coordinated with my room. I made a vignette on my new ottoman that includes a tray, the books, an hour glass and of course a pop of greenery. The big book was only  $4.00 and the other ones were $2.00.  I think this makes a big statement in the room.

family room


I have many shelves in my house, and sometimes it is hard to cover every inch with decor, but books make it easy.  They can be set upright in a grouping or laid on their side.  It adds color, pattern and fills up the space.  shelf

books on shelf

We have collected quite a few older books from some of our grandparents and it is fun to use these in my styling.  They tell a story and give a bit of information about what that person was interested in or perhaps studied. I absolutely love the look of vintage books.  They add such character to a room.

While I was in Boise visiting my family last week we went to some parade of homes.  They had used many books to decorate with, but my favorite ones were the ones they had covered in paper.  They coordinated them to match the rooms.  Such a simple thing to do, but made a big impact. I decided to do some of my own to go on my shelves in my living room.  I thought I’d share the tutorial with you.  It was super easy and fast, but I love how they turned out.

living room books



Step 1: For this project I used wrapping paper and double-sided tape. I cut the paper with enough dimensions to cover the whole book.cutting paper



Step 2: wrap the paper around each side and secure with tape.book wrapping

Step 3: I wrapped the book just like a package.  When it came time to folding the corners close enough to the binding I just cut a slit straight down until I got to the binding and then I folded that corner in.

book flapStep 4: You will be left with wings where the binding is.  I just cut them almost blunt with the book and then I put a little piece of double sided tape right where the ribbon part of the binding is and tucked it in.  You could also hot glue this part.

finished books1

And thats it!! Super easy and so fun!finished booksI hope this post gave you some fun ideas on how to incorporate books into your decor.

Thanks for stopping by! I would love if you left a comment to let me know how you liked this post.




Love Is A Verb – Modify Ink Style

Happy Friday Friends,

I am so excited to be sharing my first sponsored blog review and it is for a company that I absolutely adore, Modify Ink! I attended BYBC (Build Your Blog Conference) a few months ago.  There were many affiliates at the conference, but I  have to say that Modify Ink had the best set up.  Beautiful, bold colors adorned their booth.  In a nutshell they are a website you can order prints, but with a twist!  They are all customizable.  From colors, patterns, and sizes there is so much to choose from. The prices are also very reasonable, which I love when decorating on a budget.  What I love most is that every piece you create is unique. No one will ever walk in your home and say, “hey, I have that print.”

I had a blast designing my print.  I chose this one that says, Love is a Verb, because it is one of my favorite John Mayer songs and it has some special meaning to me.  It was so fun to go in and pick out colors for each part of this piece.  I have recently updated my basement family room and was needing something over my mantle.  This print was perfect here. I was able to add in all the colors I am using in the room to tie it all together.


Love is a Verb

upclose - modify Ink

Room view - modify ink

Now, you may be thinking, well, I am not very artistic or tech savvy.  But don’t you worry your pretty little head, it is so easy!! Honestly, my 6 year old could create her own.  I thought I would walk you through the steps, just so you can see for yourself.

1. Home page – just click start now.

Modify Ink

Modify Ink Home Page

2. There are so many prints to choose from. And why pick just one?  I love the idea of doing a custom collage wall!



Modify ink

3.Pick your print and open it up.  In the side bar you will see a list of colors and patterns.  All you do is click on the image or section of the print you want to change.

Modify Ink

4. Then you just have fun picking different colors and patterns to fit your color scheme.

Modify Ink

See? I told you, so easy!

I am going to make your day because for the next 3 days when you order from Modify Ink, you can use Promo Code: http://hello.modifyink.com/honestharm/ and receive 30% off any order.  I think these would make great Teacher Appreciation , Graduation and Mother’s Day gifts.  And now is a perfect time to get them.  So don’t wait, you only have 72 hours (until Sunday night) to get the discount.

PicMonkey Collage

I hope you all have a great weekend and you get to be with the ones you love doing the things you enjoy!



p.s.  make sure and share this with your friends before they miss it!!





Easter Home Tour

Happy Spring! Friends,

I’m so glad you stopped by today to see my Easter Home Tour.  I love the colors of spring.  The pale blues, yellows and pinks along side the bright greens of the outdoors makes for a beautiful color palette to decorate with. We are in full bloom here in Utah.  I find myself wanting to be outside taking in the wonderful colors and sounds of Spring. I actually just finished decorating my house yesterday because I have been so busy, but what’s great about Easter decor is you can leave it up all of spring and not just for the holiday.

Easter Wreath
Easter Wreath detailI made this wreath a few years ago at Thanksgiving Point here in Utah. They hold monthly classes with different crafts that are super cute.  I love the whimsy of this wreath and all the fun layers.

Entry TableThis is my entry way table.  I purchased this cute moss bunny from TJMAXX this year.  I love the pop of color it adds to the pale hues in the collection.  

sofa tableThe sofa table is a main focal point in my living room and something you see right when you walk through the front door.  I left a few pieces that I typically decorate with and then incorporated the Easter decor into it.  bell domeThis bell dome is something I bought a few months ago.  It is a great piece because you can do so much with it.  I added some fake grass and speckled eggs to give it a touch of spring.

Jelly Bean Topiaries

up close topiariesI made these topiaries quite a few years ago and surprisingly they have held up really well.  When I did the project I thought they might last a year or two, but every year when I pull them out I am shocked they still look good.  They were quite time intensive so I am glad I have been able to enjoy them for so long.

eggsHonest tip: This is an easy decorating idea for Easter. I take any leftover eggs I have and fill up a glass vase.  I love how it looks and takes no time at all.





I bought this little bunny from TJMAXX a few years ago.  I think he is just too cute and I love his roughed edges.


IMG_1234These were a new purchase this year from Hobby Lobby.  Again I love the pop of green and I think they just add a fresh feel to the kitchen.  They are simple, but make a statement.




This kitchen shelf is always fun to decorate.  Again I added a few pieces to the existing items I always decorate with.  The little egg wreaths around the candles add a bit of spring and I love the fabric bunny.

kitchen shelfWell, there you have it! It feels so good to have the sunshine beaming through my windows.  I’ve been opening up my french doors out to my patio and the light breeze and sounds of my fountain in the backyard put me right into my Happy Place! There is no time like spring.  When the earth grows green again.  I love to update my house, do some spring cleaning and enjoy the outdoors this time of year! Take some time to stop and capture the beauty that is all around us.  Life can get pretty busy and there are days I don’t “stop to smell the roses,” but when I do, I am in awe of the blessings I have been given and the many beautiful things that surround me.

Thanks for stopping by! Please comment and let me know what your favorite part of spring is.





Tips for Choosing the Right Rug

I am redecorating my family room downstairs.  It all started with the need for a new couch, you see, we had had the other couch for over 12 years and I finally told my husband it was time to let it go!   After a few months of looking I finally found one I loved at a local furniture and decor store, Down to Earth.  Lucky for me they had one in stock  in the color I wanted. I went with a sectional, because it’s a large room and its mainly used for television watching and game playing.

 The next dilemma I had was finding a rug! I’ve had problems with this before.  Mostly it has to do with the price tag.  Rugs can be very expensive and it’s something I don’t love to spend money on, yet it can be the key element in the room. My living rom has hard wood floors and when we moved in the house I had to get something right away for this area.  Of course, after just purchasing a new house money is feeling tight and so I find something that I like, but don’t love and its too small.  Fast forward 3 years later and I want a new rug in this room! (I’m going to have to wait on that, one room at a time). 

I decided before I get a rug for room downstairs I would research and do it the right way this time.  Here are some tips I learned along the way.

Tips for buying a Rug:

1. Measure your room.   This will determine the size of rug you need.  If it’s a big space and you get an 8×10 size rug, you know before you get it home it will be too small. 

2. If the furniture is floating in the room you will need to go bigger, if it’s against the wall you can go a little smaller.  It makes the room look very choppy if the rug does not go all the way underneath the legs of the furniture if the room is large.

3. Make sure all the legs are evenly on the rug.  If you have a group setting with two chairs and a couch you don’t want the chair legs off the rug and the couch legs on it. 

4. Have 6-10 inches on either side of the sofa.  If you don’t, it will not look substantial enough and make the room feel off balance.

You can find more tips at Designbynumbers.com and also at StylebyEmilyhenderson.com.  She even has a great youtube video you can watch here.

There are so many styles of rugs. I tend to go with more neutral tones and low patterns, but with that being said I love rugs I see with bold colors.  If I make a purchase that I know I will be keeping for a long time I like to go with neutrals.  I pull color in with pillows and accent pieces that are easily switched out.

I had to try out a few different rugs before I found the one I picked.  I liked the color of the first one, but not the size.  It can be a pain to keep switching out a rug, but I promise it will be worth it when you find the one you love. 

As you can see the rug I picked is more neutral with a subtle pattern.  I feel like this is a rug I can keep around for a long time.



Here are some other examples of rugs I liked.  These rugs are from RugsUSA

200ACR129B200SBHAC13A rugsPicking a rug can be a stressful process, but if you just do a little research before hand it will help you find that perfect rug! I wish you the best when picking out rugs.  Just remember, size, color, pattern! 

Thanks for stopping by today!





Love is in the air…

Hello Friends,

It’s the week of Valentine’s and we all know what that means… Chocolate!! Ok well maybe chocolate and a lot of love to go around! We have been busy making valentine boxes,decorating cookies and autographing all those love notes to pass out at school.  I have had a few minutes to decorate for the occasion and I thought I would show you the cute DIY signs I made.

I have had two square wood wall hangings in my garage for almost a year with the intent on taking them to the thrift store, but I never got around to it and I’m sure glad I didn’t.  They were perfect for my Valentine signs!

These were really simple to make.  I covered one in gold polk a dot tissue paper I had purchased from  Hazel & Ruby.  I slapped on some modge podge and smooth it out all over.  Next I cut out a big heart, laid it over the paper and then painted the entire surface.  I glittered the cursive love embellishment I picked up at Hobby Lobby and glued it on.  The other board was covered in cork, and I decided to keep it that way.  I printed a big X and O off the internet and cut it out so I had a stencil.  Then I used modge podge and painted inside the letters, covered them with glitter and let it dry.  The arrows were done freehand with a little help from the hubby, (he has a steadier hand then I do!) These signs honestly took me about an hour to do and they make a perfect addition to my mantle!




I like to add a little bit of pink and red throughout the house just to make it festive.  Here are just a few more pictures of what I have!

Thanks for stopping by today!!





Cherished Gifts

How many of you check your mail way more often this time of year in hopes of finding Christmas Cards instead of bills and all that junk mail? I know I sure do! I love getting Christmas cards.  It is so fun to see how families have changed and grown in a year.  I love seeing the color combinations in family pictures and the detail of the beautiful cards.  For many years I would feel this guilt of throwing these amazing gifts away. Because as I see it, these cards represent gifts that have been given to me in my life.  The memories of loved ones! I am so grateful for the people in my life.  They bring me so much joy.  There are some cards I get from people I haven’t seen for years or maybe I only knew for a short time, but in some way these people have impacted my life and it brings me great joy to know they still think of me, even if it is just for one time a year.  To me a card is a way to say, “hey, I am busy, and super busy this time of year, but here’s my Christmas card to let you know I think about you!” 

I make sure and display my cards front and center so if I have guests come over I can show them off.  I also like to see them whenever I go down that hall.  After I moved in this house I decided my coat closet hall in my entry way would be the best place for them.  I put removable hooks on the back of the door on both sides and then I strung the twine around the front of the door and tied it around the back on the other side.  I had these darling mini gold clothes pins I had bought at Michaels a while back and so I decided to use those with it.  I love the look of the rustic twine with the gold.  As I get more cards I just add more rows of twine.  I have to say it is one of my favorite holiday decorations!!




I am not much of a saver, but when it comes to Christmas cards, I just have a hard time parting with them.  I finally came up with a solution to not feel that pang of guilt when I tossed them in the trash come January.  I decided to make little booklets with all my cards in them.  Now you might say, “Are you kidding me? Ain’t nobody got time for that?” But I will tell you that this little project takes me about 10 minutes and yet it is something that means a great deal to me.  I have been saving them for about the past 5 years and so each year I get them out of the photo box I store them in and lay them out on my coffee table in my living room.  It is a fun coffee table book for the month of December.  My kids love looking at them and telling stories and memories of different families in our books.  IMG_0490



IMG_0493I decided to put a cover page on the front with the year so I could keep track.  Now this can go as simple or elaborate as you want.  My first few years I took a little more time to do it, but last year I didn’t even put a cover on it.

 The first step is organizing the cards. Putting them all going the same direction. Then I straighten them together in one corner so I can punch the hole in the same place. I have a heavy duty hole punch so I can punch about 15 cards all at once.  It is  great little tool.  I use it ALOT! I then use a ring and string them through. If you want to make a cover, I just measure it to the size of my biggest card and then decorate how you want it. I put that on the front and your DONE! See, 10 minutes!! You then have a memory book that you can cherish for years to come!! 

With one week to go until the BIG MAN comes, I hope we will take some time in this crazy week to spend with our children and loved ones and to think about all the wonderful people in our lives. Happy Holidays!!

I would love to hear if you save your cards and how you do it? If you have liked my ideas today please share with your friends!!




Fun Find Friday

I’m a day late!!

I have some great things to show you for my Fun Find Friday this week!! 

picstitch-3#1 How cute is this Merry Christmas cookie plate? I purchased this at Target to go in a baking gift basket.  I love the bright red color and the scalloped edge.  The cost was $19.99

#2 This gray felt hat was a must for my girls.  It’s part of the Annie line at Target.  I love the gold and pink roping around the brim.  I think my little Avery looks fabulous in it!! It was only $9.99!

#3 I have to brag for a second about my sisters! I think I have the best! They are all super creative and for our sisters gift exchange this year we all did homemade items.  I will share them all with you throughout the next few weeks, but today I am sharing the one my sister Becca made for us. I love the rustic barn wood and the heart is made out of cream muslin.  They are strips swirled together to make rosettes! This took her quite a bit of time and I absolutely love how it turned out!! Thanks Becca!

#4 This spool of ribbon caught my eye this past week! The wooden spool is so beautiful and the color of ribbons are my favorite! I will eventually use the ribbon, but for now I am using it as an accent piece! I found this at T.J.Maxx for $12.99.

Thanks for stopping by today!! I hope you find these ideas helpful! If you do, please share on Pinterest and Facebook!




Fun Find Friday

I can’t believe a week has gone by! It’s time for my Fun Find Friday.  This week I have some really great ideas for gifts.  I have been on the look out for ideas and so I thought I would share my fabulous finds today!

1. A few months ago I heard about this app called Chatbooks.  It is basically a way for you to download your Instagram feed and turn all those lovely pictures into a memory book straight from your Phone!! It comes with 60 pages in each one and they even have the caption that was written with the picture.  It is really one of my favorite finds of the year! I am now on an auto ship and so every time I get 60 new photos they send me a book in the mail! Plus they are a steal of a deal at only $6.00 a book! They make a great little coffee table book and your kids will look them over again and again.  So Fun!!




2. Can I just say that Michael’s Craft store has just way too many cute things right now!?! Especially in their under $5.00 bins! I am a sucker for them, can not pass them up!! So this week I found these adorable Christmas hand soaps for only $2.00! These fun colors matched my girls bathroom perfectly.  These would be awesome teacher gifts put in a little basket, (I found this one there and it was only $2.00 also) with a gift card.  They would also make cute neighbor gifts.



3. I’ve had my eye on these Michelle Dwight Design pillows for quite some time, and when they went on sale a little bit ago I knew it was the perfect time to get them.  Her stuff is so great! She does more than pillows with fun inspirational sayings.  She designs coasters, hand bags, tons of pillows and framed signs.  There are so many fun sayings to choose from, you won’t be able to get just one! These would make perfect gifts for a bff, a hubby or boyfriend, or sisters! Love the black and gold fonts! Go Check her out on Etsy!




4. The final Fun find from this week was actually not my find, but a little gift I received from Alt Summit and Kirklands Home.  These canisters have become my new favorite addition to my kitchen.  They are the perfect size and have chalkboard labels on the front.  I decided to store a few healthy treats for grab and go, but they could be used for about anything.  Protein powder, baking supplies, craft supplies, even for dog treats! Love how versatile these are! Thanks to Kirkland’s for this fun surprise!! 


Thanks for stopping by today! I hope I have helped maybe pick out one special gift for someone on your list! Let me know if you have a favorite find for the week! I’d love for you to share!!

 Have a great weekend!



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