Books Aren’t Just For Reading

I love to decorate with books.  They are a great way to add height to an arrangement, they add color to a room and most importantly they are inexpensive and easy to find at thrift stores.

I was recently at a thrift store and found some great finds. One being this huge dictionary.  It was in the perfect mustard yellow for my family room. I paired it with a few other books that coordinated with my room. I made a vignette on my new ottoman that includes a tray, the books, an hour glass and of course a pop of greenery. The big book was only  $4.00 and the other ones were $2.00.  I think this makes a big statement in the room.

family room


I have many shelves in my house, and sometimes it is hard to cover every inch with decor, but books make it easy.  They can be set upright in a grouping or laid on their side.  It adds color, pattern and fills up the space.  shelf

books on shelf

We have collected quite a few older books from some of our grandparents and it is fun to use these in my styling.  They tell a story and give a bit of information about what that person was interested in or perhaps studied. I absolutely love the look of vintage books.  They add such character to a room.

While I was in Boise visiting my family last week we went to some parade of homes.  They had used many books to decorate with, but my favorite ones were the ones they had covered in paper.  They coordinated them to match the rooms.  Such a simple thing to do, but made a big impact. I decided to do some of my own to go on my shelves in my living room.  I thought I’d share the tutorial with you.  It was super easy and fast, but I love how they turned out.

living room books



Step 1: For this project I used wrapping paper and double-sided tape. I cut the paper with enough dimensions to cover the whole book.cutting paper



Step 2: wrap the paper around each side and secure with tape.book wrapping

Step 3: I wrapped the book just like a package.  When it came time to folding the corners close enough to the binding I just cut a slit straight down until I got to the binding and then I folded that corner in.

book flapStep 4: You will be left with wings where the binding is.  I just cut them almost blunt with the book and then I put a little piece of double sided tape right where the ribbon part of the binding is and tucked it in.  You could also hot glue this part.

finished books1

And thats it!! Super easy and so fun!finished booksI hope this post gave you some fun ideas on how to incorporate books into your decor.

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