European trip and a German (Sh)mear!

The summer is going to quickly! June is almost over and 4th of July will be here before we know it.  We’ve had a great 1st month of summer.  The kids have already done tennis camp, basketball camp, and the girls are in a weekly cooking and sewing camp.  I left July open for traveling and family time so after this week we will have a break from staying too busy.  Speaking of traveling, we decided to take a leap and travel to Europe this summer with the kids!! I have never been to Europe and it has been a dream of mine for a long time. To say that I am excited is an understatement.  My hubby has had some changes with his job and he decided to take some time off this summer before he jumps back into the corporate scene.  We both agreed we may never have this time again with our family to travel the globe with no time limit.  We will be gone two weeks and plan on visiting London, Paris, Amsterdam and Brussels.  I know it’s a lot of places, but we thought it’d be a good way to give us a little taste of each place and then we can always go back and visit our favorites.  We decided to tell the kids in a fun way by tricking them that on top of the reading challenge and fitness challenge we are doing this summer, they had to write a report on a city.  I told them that I had decided that we would pick from these cities.  You can imagine the push back I got from each of them.  The fact I would make them write a report in the summer was not something they were thrilled about.  So after the complaining stopped I told them that if they wanted to visit these places this summer they would need to learn about these cities.  It took a minute to register and then there were cheers and smiles all around.  It was a fun way to tell them and I really am serious about the report!  They have to write 5 pages and include things about the culture, food, people and all the places we want to visit.  I will do some more blog posts about getting ready for our trip.  Maybe some packing tips, an itinerary and how I will prepare myself for travel with kids overseas for 2 weeks!

You may be asking, how in the world are we restoring a home and going to be gone for 2 weeks? Believe me, I was worried about this too.  But as this process of remodel has gone on, I realized it might be nice to be gone for a while from it all.  It gets a little stressful and I find myself getting anxious about how long certain things take or things not getting done when I would like them to.  Up until last week I was feeling like our home would never be done.  The demo was going slow, we were waiting on permits and for our contractor to finish up some other jobs.  With that being said, this last week we made quite a bit of progress.  The permits got finalized, the plumber started replacing old pipes and putting in the new plumbing and they started framing.  I can actually see what the basement is going to end up like and it’s so refreshing.  I am super excited to see our vision come to life.  Plumbing fixtures got finalized last week and our cabinet plan for the kitchen should be done today.

Mike and I worked on a fun project this weekend in his office at Normandie Place.  There is a brick wall in this room.  It was originally the back of the house before they did the addition.  I didn’t want to frame it in and thought about painting it, but the brick isn’t the prettiest and has deep groves in it which I knew would suck up paint and collect dust.  A few months ago we were watching Fixer Upper and Jo-anna did a treatment on a brick wall called a German smear.  We both loved the look and so I got online and figured out how to do it.  We spent all day yesterday working on the wall and after a lot of sweat, sore bodies and dried out hands we finished it.  We both are so happy how it turned out.  It has already brightened up this dark room and given it so much character.  I thought I would share with you today how this whole process went. (Sorry the pictures aren’t great, the lighting in this room is tricky!)

First up the supply list:

White mortar ( I found this in the tile isle at Home Depot.  It took about 4 bags to do the entire wall)

large sponges (we used 2-3 of these)

2- 5 gallon buckets


spray bottle

spatula and mortar spreaders

drill and stirring drill attachment

Step 1:

Clean and prep the wall of any nails, dirt, cob webs, etc.brick wall

Step 2:

Mix mortar with water in a 5 gallon bucket.  I’d say we used a 70:30 ratio of mortar to water.  We mixed this will the drill and the attachment unit it was the consistency or waffle batter. mixing mortar

Step 3:

Spray brick with water and get it nice and damp.  It is best to work in small sections.  We worked as a team on this.  I would spray, Mike would smear on mortar and then I would go back over it will a tool to smooth it out and get any excess off that I could.mortar on wall

Step 4;

Let the mortar set for about 10-20 minutes and then take wet sponge and wipe off even more of the mortar until the brick is exposed and you get the desired look you want.brick and mortar

I have to tell you that this is a super messy project.  If you are doing this in your home that has carpet and furniture in it, you will want to cover everything with tarp.  The mortar is messy and drips off the wall and as you are using the sponge the water  kind of goes everywhere.  We obviously didn’t have to bee too careful as the room we were working in is getting a total face lift , but we were sure messy when we finished.wall with french doors


finished wall


so happy we're done


I'm a mess

I can’t wait to see this room finished.  This was a fun project to work on together and the final product was definitely worth it.

Thanks for stopping by today.  Let me know what your favorite spots are in London, Paris, Amsterdam or Brussels.  I would love some feedback from more experienced travelers.


Friends, Get togethers and Bruschetta

Happy Summer!!! We are out of school and loving our non-schedule living!! This first week we have taken it easy.  I try and let my kids have a break from anything their first week out of school.  I think they need some time to decompress from schedules, to do lists and routine.  It’s all I can do to tell them to get busy and do something, but I’ve told myself to let them enjoy this time.  With that being said, next week we will start our reading challenge and this year I am incorporating a fitness challenge too.  Are you guys like me and have to force your kids to get off the couch? It really kills me and I decided to get them motivated I would have a prize involved.  Prizes always seem to work, even with my big kids!

We’ve already got to have some fun barbecues and get together with friends.  I am truly blessed with great friends! Some live close and I get to see them often, and others live farther away and it’s always a special treat to get to hang with them when they are in town.  Over Memorial day weekend our friends from Arizona came to visit.  We got together for a BBQ and had a great time catching up and spending time reminiscing about all the fun we’ve had together.  I met this great family through my son.  When we moved to Highland Cayden became friends with their son, Mason. He then was lucky enough to learn that Mason had brothers just a year younger and so it was like guy central at their house and Cayden, having all sisters, loved to go over and hang out with the boys.  Daynia and I didn’t become friends until the next year, but hit it off right from the start and our hubby’s did too.  Unfortunately, about a year later they got a job change and had to move, but we’ve been able to travel together and see each other often and we love it!


The clan

the guys

The boys being as cheesy as can be!

I tried a new recipe for our little get together. Strawberry bruschetta.  I had this a few weeks ago at an event and so I thought I’d make my own version.  They were so easy to make and super yummy!

strawberry bruschetta

Strawberry Bruschetta

Crostini bread cut into slices (I just have my grocer cut it for me in the bakery)

ricotta cheese

strawberries, cut into bite-size chunks


basil, minced



Put strawberries, blueberries, basil, balsamic and sugar in a pan.  Cook on medium until balsamic thickens and strawberries break down. Let cool.

Lay crostini on a cookie sheet and broil for a few minutes in the oven. Spread ricotta on top, while warm.  Top each one with the strawberry mixture.



I hope you’ll have a chance this summer to have lots of get together’s with friends and family. And if you do, I highly recommend bringing this Bruschetta to any event!!



Normandie Place Update – Stop and Smell the Roses

Hey guys! I’ve been a busy girl over here trying to finish off the school year. My kids aren’t out for another week, but let me tell you that we are so ready for summer break! My kids moved to their new schools about 6 weeks ago and so I have been driving them to and from school about 25 minutes each way.  Needless to say I am in my car like my whole life these days! I am ready to settle in to summer and enjoy relaxing days by the pool and be living on a non-schedule for a few months. My kids are at ages that I really do enjoy having them home.  Of course, we have the bickering and the mess, but they are old enough now to help when I need them and solve some of their own fights.  I finally feel like I’m not playing referee all the time, and its so nice!

I’ve also been working on the patio at Normandie place and trying to get it spruced up for some backyard parties this summer.  The yard is in full bloom and is getting so beautiful!back patio The last homeowner left an old little bistro set and if you know me I love a good DIY project.  There was no way I could throw it away and I knew with a little paint I could rescue it and make it pretty again.  Unfortunately, that project isn’t quiet complete, but will be soon, so I will wait and show the reveal of that later on the blog.  You can check updates on my Instagram.  Follow me @honest_harm.

Most importantly I’ve been spending a lot of time planning out my new kitchen.  We are actually met with our friends at Mountain Land Design today to pick out appliances.  They have a great show room and if you live in the Salt Lake area I would highly recommend them.  They have professional staff who can work out design layouts and find exactly what you need.  I thought I’d highlight a few pieces I have been looking at.

I love this stove because of it’s large griddle.  We had one at our last house and we used it almost every day.  It is so convenient to cook eggs, pancakes, and  bacon. We used it for grilling veggies and chicken too.  I haven’t quite decided if I will just get the range top or the whole stove.
(Image from Subzero-wolf)
How gorgeous is this Miele built-in coffee maker?  I love my coffee! This machine does it all.  Grinds the coffee, makes cappuccinos, espressos, and latte’s.
(image from Miele.com)
The other thing on my list is large refrigerator.  I had the luxury of have two fridges at my last house, but I will not have two at this one.  So I need a nice big fridge to fit all the food for  our family of 6. The Subzero fridge I’m looking at comes in different dimensions that you can customize to your space with a fridge and freezer combo.  I love the shelfs and storage drawers in it too.
A few other musts are a wine cabinet, ice maker, and of course a dishwasher.
So, as you can see I lots of decisions to make in the next few weeks.  It’s exciting and a little overwhelming all at once! Let me know if you have any of these appliances and if you like them.  Or if there is something else you think I must have, let me know that too.
I’m so grateful to at least have the backyard to spend the summer in because the house is quite a disaster right now! I can’t wait to have it all finished.  But I guess for now I will enjoy the beautiful roses that are blooming in my yard.  Each day they get better and better.  We all definitely need to take time and smell the roses!Rose
Have a great day!



Coping with Change

Change is exciting and scary all at once, and moving has been no different.  I go through all sorts of emotions on a daily basis about it.  Mostly questioning myself for uprooting my kids from their home, school and friends.  I go back and forth that it will be so good for them.  They will learn and grow and experience things they wouldn’t have in our other area.  Change teaches them to be strong, to find themselves and figure out who they want to be.  But then that little part of me comes back into my head and I think what if they don’t find good friends, what if their grades suffer, what if they are struggling and they don’t talk to me about it?

The last few weeks have been a little difficult with our son.  I think the change has been the hardest for him.  He is a freshman and was currently at a junior high.  When we moved him to the new school it put him into a big high school.  He was able to join in on open gym after school and even play for the team on a spring league.  I thought things were going good.  He has made some friends at school who he eats lunch with and sees in classes, but hasn’t done anything with them socially.  I’ve tried to encourage him to do this, but he only wants to hang out with his old friends. basketball He has always played basketball and loved it and a few weeks ago he came to us and said he didn’t want to play anymore.  I was sad, a little disapointed and in disbelief that something he loved so much was no longer fun for him.  I think this is the first time as parent I have struggled with wanting to make him play.  I always said it was up to my kids to choose what they want to participate in or be a part of, but when the reality hit that he may give this up, it was a punch in the gut.  He’s worked so hard, has always wanted to play high school ball and even dreamed of playing in college.  The first thing we did was sit him down and had a heart to heart.  We told him we know it’s so difficult to move during this time of his life and that change was always hard, but for the most part always turned into something better.  We talked about the opportunities he would have with this new team if he would give them a chance.  We also asked him if there were other things in his life that were weighing him down.  Drugs, girls, pornography? The hard questions you don’t want to ask, but that every parent should be asking, in my opinion on a regular basis.  He was honest and said it wasn’t any of those things but that he was a little depressed and missed his old friends and school.  I told him we get it! It’s totally normal to feel this way! We encouraged him to make a choice to be happy.  To give these new friends and this new school a chance.  To finish out the spring season with this team and to really do some soul searching about quitting ball.  We explained that decisions like this should not be made over night and especially when you are down in the dumps.  Things have been a little better with him, not perfect, but better.

I think as my children get older I am realizing how important it is to have open communication.  It’s easy when they are younger to ask if they’ve had a good day and always hear a “yes”. But when you know they are struggling and you ask this simple question, you don’t know what you will get.  I’ve decided asking them if they had a good day isn’t enough anymore.  Some times I feel like I’m probing and maybe even being annoying, but in the end I feel like I can get them to talk to me if I show real concern and love for them.  I let them know that they are loved, truly, unconditionally loved no matter what.  I make them feel like an equal, that they are being heard and their frustrations and trials are real and important to me.  We’ve been driving about a half hour each way to and from school everyday.  I have devoted these moments to just my kids.  I try to make it a point to stay off my phone and listen to what they have to say.  I think you can tell instantly when your kids get in the car if they’ve had a good or bad day.  They are usually talkative and joking around if it’s been a good day, much more quiet and reserved or aggitated if it’s been a hard day.  I think we can learn to be sensitive to these little signals and play upon them.  Forming the right questions depending on how are kids are acting.  I’ve also realized that sometimes right after school is not the best time to talk or even find out about their day.  There little brains are tired. They’ve been dealing and reacting to situations for the last 6 hours and I think sometimes they just want a break.  I will give them that and then later I will try to find a quiet moment and ask about a certain friend or assignment they are working on, or talk to them about recess or lunch that day.  It usually will open up the conversation a little bit and make them feel comfortable to talk to me.

One of my frustrations as they get older is feeling like I can’t solve everything for them.  I can’t take away the feelings of loneliness or sadness that may come from leaving friends behind or trying to be the new kid fitting in.  The only thing I can do is make them feel secure in the fact that we are always there for them.  I do this by the way I react to situations, by hugging them when there is nothing left to say, by not casting judgements and I think letting them know that I can’t fix it for them, but the love and support is always here.  Some of those things I have to work on, and thankfully I have a husband who is very level-headed and helps when I tend to over-react, which might be often.

Universal studios

Wow, you guys, parenting is so hard. Like the hardest thing I’ll ever do!!  I know the next 10 years of raising teenagers and watching them grow into adulthood will be so much harder than the last 10 years. What I do love right now is how fun my kids are! We love to travel with them.  No more strollers, diapers, crying melt downs (for the most part).  They are fun to hang out with and have conversations about life and the things we love.  They are funny and make me laugh on a daily basis.  They make me proud and honored to be their mother.  I know hard times are inevitable when raising kids, but I think it’s how we approach it and tackle those situations is what continues to make us better parents and form stronger relationships with them.DO the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better do better.

Thanks for listening to my ramblings today. I’d love to hear what are some of the struggles you have with parenting? Please comment below.

Have a great day!


Stress Free Soccer Party

My Avery loves soccer and has been on some fun teams the last few years.  It’s always hard to join a new team with people you don’t know.  I have to admit as a parent this is even hard to put myself out there and get to know the other parents.  About a year ago Avery played on a competitive team and we had such a great support from parents and coaches.  She learned so much that season from her coaches and team mates.  The girls became fast friends and they were all sad when the season ended.  We decided to host a soccer party for them so they could be rewarded for all their hard work.  We invited everyone over for pizza, games, and hot tubbing, which ended up being the favorite.

This party was really easy to throw together.  We had plenty of soccer balls to decorate with and I picked up some table ware at the party store.

I used a sheet for the table cloth and this chalkboard worked out great with our color scheme, so I decided to use it.

table set up

table ware

I came up with these little soccer trophies last minute with some things I already had.  Fake grass, plastic trophies and small soccer balls.  It was the perfect touch for the table and I love the pop of green with the red and black.

soccer trophy


close up of soccer trophies

As you can see I kept the food really simple.  Donuts, Oreos with candy soccer balls on top, red licorice, pizza and soda.  Anytime I am doing a children’s party I try and think of colors of food to go along with the color scheme.  It’s usually an inexpensive way to add in the color and it will always get used up!  As far as serving it goes, I already had black trays.  Here’s an honest tip, buy white, clear or black serving trays.  This way they go with any color scheme or theme and you won’t have to go out and buy new ones for every party.  Ikea is a great place to get inexpensive serving trays in neutral colors.

The party bags were filled with little treats such as soccer balls, rubber sports bracelets and candy.soccer party bags

The girls had such a great time and Avery was so happy to have her soccer friends over before the season ended.  This party was a cinch to pull together.

If you are wanting to throw a party but gets so overwhelmed with all the planning and prepping,  I have a few tips for you.

stress Free


Here are 5  tips for hosting a stress-free party:

1. Come up with a theme.  Ask your child or think about their favorite activities, colors, team colors, or interests.

2. look for stuff around your house that will work before you go out and buy it.  Usually there are items in your decor or your childrens that can be used for table center pieces or put on display throughout the party area.

3. Think of the colors you are using and find food items that go along with the scheme.  Fruit, candy,  & drinks always come in a variety of colors.

4. Keep it simple, kids really don’t care as long as there is food and fun.

5. Do what feels comfortable to you.  I love to throw parties so I probably go a little overboard, but if you don’t keep it simple.  The fact that you hosted one for you child will make them feel special and loved, no matter how fancy it is.

So next time your throwing a party or hosting an event remember my tips and I can bet it will make the party planning process less stressful.

Thanks for stopping by today!!


Normandie Place “Before” Pictures (Part 3)

Well friends, Normandie place is moving right along.  I’m really hoping to have demo complete in the next few weeks.  We are going to meet with cabinet designers this week and get going on the layout for my kitchen and master bath.  I’m excited for this part of the renovations and feel like I’ll finally get to use my design abilities a little bit!

The last of the “Before” pictures I’m posting today are of the basement.  I think this part of the home needs the most work, especially when it comes to HVAC and the electrical.  It is a total nightmare down there and once we can get all new wiring and vents it will look likea night and day difference.  This area is going to be the 3 girls bedrooms and then we’ll have a nice size family room, some storage closets, wine cellar and laundry room on this level.

The basement stairs are tight, but we’re hoping to open up the ceiling a little bit. I love the old window in the stair well.

basement stairs

This will be Sophie’s room.  Were hoping to level the floor and remove any piping that runs through here.  We will use an adjacent hall closet and open it up into her room for a closet and under stairs reading nook.



This will be Avery’s room.  We have to move a door and open up her closet to create a little more space for her.

averys -closet



This original half bath we are removing  all together.  It will end up being the hallway and we will be moving their bathroom into an existing large closet.




The family room is nice and bright white, but needs some love.  We will be removing the vent, the window coverings and the whole fireplace wall.  I haven’t white decided about the white bead board yet.  What do you think?




This is going to turn into a nice little wine cellar.  I’m thinking of adding some brick and shelving in here.


The “hot tub” room  kind of creeped us out because the hot tub had been filled in and it had a very musty smell from the years of humidity in this room.  I overlooked all that and knew it would be a great bedroom for Brooklyn.  It’s a nice size and will have a great walk-in closet for her.





This is the HVAC I was talking about.  The unit is huge and takes up most of the hall way.  We will condensed all this and add a laundry room in this space.


This closet is going to be the girls bathroom.  It will have enough room for a tub/ toilet room and then a double sink vanity.




So, now you’ve seen the whole house! I know some of you may think we’re crazy! I know Mike thought I was when we first went to look at it.  I just had this vision the first time I saw it of how wonderful it will be all restored and new. I can’t wait to finish raising our children in this home and bring it back to life.

Thanks for stopping by today! Please comment below and let me know what you think!


Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

I am trying to get back in the swing of things after my fabulous vacation to Florida.  I met up with 8 women who I met in Ohio while Mike went to Dental school.  These girls became my sisters and every time we are together it is as if no time has passed.  As I reflected on our trip I couldn’t help but think about all the amazing qualities these women have.  Each one of them brings a different dynamic to our group of friends and I have learned so many great things from them.  One attribute they all possess are they are wonderful mothers.  Between the 8 of us there are 31 children.  Many of these kids were born while we were in Ohio.  Our time there was spent doing playdates, going to the zoo, the children’s museums and many afternoons spent at the park.  I attribute many of my mothering skills I learned from these women.  I think when you are a new mom you look to other woman for advice and encouragement.  I always received that from my mom and sisters, but being so far from home my Ohio friends became that for me.  Even now when we get together we lean on each other for advice in parenting, our relationships and everyday life situations. I am very grateful for these women in my life and the chance we have to reconnect every few years.  It is so good for my soul!Ohio-girls-trip


Like I said with Mother’s Day this Sunday I have been thinking about the women in my life and of course my own Mother.  I am so grateful for her example and love.  I always try to think of fun things I can get her, but she can be hard to shop for! This year I picked up a few things to make her a little gift basket. I thought I would share some of them with you in case you are feeling stumped and just don’t know what to get.

I was thinking about bright and cheery things to brighten her day and I thought the color yellow and lemons sounded about right!  I think you can’t go wrong with this theme.  It is sure to make anyone happy!


I found these fun extracts at TJ Maxx.  My mom loves to bake and I thought they were cute and something she would use up!


This hand towel went perfect with the lemon theme and  is something I think we need new ones of often.


I found this at World Market. It smells heavenly!


These cute ramekins were at a local grocery store.  I love the design on them.


I found the cute lemon salt and pepper shakers at Target and then I added a little bit of chocolate, because what Mother’s day gift is complete without chocolate?  I am going to add a gift card and put this together in a basket for her.

I hope you have gotten some ideas for your mom or the special women in your life.  Happy Mother’s Day to all the incredible women in my life.  I am so grateful to be a mom.  It is truly the best job around.

I hope you have a great day!!


Kitchen Design Inspiration

How many kitchens have I pinned on Pinterest or put into my Houzz folder, you ask? Oh way too many to count!! I’m starting to feel a little overwhelmed with deciding on what I want in Normandie Place. The options are endless and I feel like I have a style I tend to go towards, but then I’ll see something different and it throws me off a bit.  I’m hoping to use my blog to throw ideas off of you, my readers! And you can give me your opinions. I’ve been focusing my attention on the kitchen as I feel like this is the one of, if not the most important room in the house.  This really will be the hub for everything and is very close to the entry.  I definitely need to brighten and open up the space.  The ceilings are a bit lower in areas and so I want to give the illusion of it being grander than it really is.  I definitely will be adding white bright colors, but I for sure want lots of beautiful wood to add warmth and texture.  I’ve added some pictures of some of my favorite kitchens I have found so far.
I love this one because of the exposed painted brick and the open shelving.  Also, the wood floor is beautiful and the marble counter tops just pull it all together.
Kitchen Projects

The first thing that caught my eye in this kitchen is the lighting.  Those hanging lights are so gorgeous and give off such a warm pretty hue.  I also love the color of the island and the subway tile backsplash.

Broadmoor Kitchen with Beverly Bradshaw Interiors

Photo found on www.Houzz.com

What do you think of this white stove? I think it is beautiful and makes quite the statement in this kitchen.  I also love the shiplap ceiling.

Allikristé Coastal Custom Kitchen
The two elements that caught my eye in this space are the island and the ceiling.  I love the island color and also the detail on the sides, it  adds so much charm and character to the kitchen.  And the ceiling is just beautiful.  I think it adds height and brightness in the room.
Custom Kitchens
I think this kitchen may be my all time favorite.  Everything about it is beautiful.  The reclaimed wood on the wall and island add so much warmth to this space and also add those earth tones.  The lighting is gorgeous and doesn’t take over the space.  The Cypress wood on the cabinets and hood is so beautiful done with just a clear stain.  And of course, I love the open shelving too.

(image from: http://www.oldseagrovehomes.com/blog)

Wouldn’t you agree that all of these kitchens are so gorgeous? They have so many great elements I feel like I can incorporate into my own kitchen. Let me know what you think and which ones are your favorites! I’d love to hear your thoughts.

I hope you’ve found a little inspiration for your home too! Have a great day!!


Normandie Place “Before” Pictures (Part 2)


As you can see Honest Harm got a make over!! I really love how it turned out and I am grateful to Designer Blogs for making it so beautiful, I hope you like the new updated look!

It’s a rainy, dark morning here today, so I am blogging and sipping coffee and dreaming of warmer weather.  I actually head out of town tomorr0w on a little Girls Trip to Florida, and with all the rain and cold temps this week, I am ready to go!! I’m meeting up with 8 of my dearest friends from our days of dental school in Ohio.  These girls are like sisters to me and I am so excited to spend a few days basking in the sunshine with them.

Before I go, I thought I would share some more pictures of  Normandie Place. Who’s Excited?!?  Today I am going to share the second floor with you.  This level includes, a bedroom, bonus/game room, a bathroom and the master bedroom, bath and closet.

We will start in Cayden’s room.  This room is mostly in need of  cosmetic updates.  New electrical, windows, paint and moldings.  We did open up his closet to give hime some more space.upstairs-bedroom

Next,  we walk down the hallway into the bonus room.  This room is long and is essentially two rooms.  The second room was part of the addition and also leads out on to a balcony/deck.  We are hoping to open up the wall that separates the two rooms to make it one big room.  We are going to incorporate a dry bar where the closet is and hopefully fit our pool table, couch and a tv in this room.









Bonus -room-insideThe hall bath is across from this room.  I plan on gutting this bathroom and making it functional and more Cayden’s style since this will be his bath.upstairs-hall-tub



The last room in the upstairs is our master bedroom and bath.  This room is almost set up like two rooms.  You walk in to a bedroom and then it drops down into another room and the bath.  We knew the minute we saw this bathroom that we had to change the whole layout.  It is tiny!! So we will make the first room our bedroom and the second room is getting all opened up to be a master bath suite.  It will include a free standing tub by the window, vanity, shower, toilet room and big closet.  The view from this room is really beautiful too.  I thought it’d be a perfect place to soak in the tub.master-bedroom-window-seat


First bedroom





master-bedroom-window seat

second bedroom

Master closet






master-bathMaster bath

So that is it.  It’s crazy how even just doing the demo and opening up this space has changed things already! Speaking of demo, we are getting close to it being done.  I really hope we can start construction in a few weeks.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my post today! Feel free to share with friends and come find me on Instagram if you haven’t already! Have a great one!



Gold Themed Party

Today I thought I would share with you a party a did a while ago for my 13 year old daughter.  We all know that Gold is all the hype right now and I would be lying if I didn’t say I absolutely love it! I plan on putting lots of gold accents in the Normandie house.  My daughter decided she wanted a gold theme for her 13 birthday and I thought it was a perfect idea for a teen girls party.  I actually was able to use quite a bit of stuff I had around the house and pulled it together with some fun party supplies from Target

I think this theme would also be so fun for a bridal shower.  You could throw in a blush pink or salmon color for the bride.  Gold, white and florals are some of my favorites together. It would also be great for a graduation party.  If you remember in a post I did last year my friend threw her daughter a darling graduation party using golds and silvers. You can check it out here.   

Let me share my  ideas for a gold them party with you.  I hope you enjoy them!

gold cupcakes

I found these fun edible heart sprinkles at Michaels and I love the shimmer they put on regular white cupcakes.  How gorgeous is this tray? It was my grandmothers that I inherited a while back.  It actually goes with a set she used in her bathroom.  It has a matching mirror, tissue holder, a ring holder and a hand towel tray.  I am going to use all of them in my new home.  I love finding things around my house I already have and using them in different ways.

cupcake table

Feather boas always come in handy and are great ways to fill up space and bring dimension.  I keep a couple white ones on hand and can use them for any party or holiday. This chalkboard sign I purchased at Hobby Lobby and have used it many times too.

letter B

I actually bought this big letter B to go in Brooklyn’s room and so it worked perfectly as a center piece for the table. I elevated it on a cake plate and then  added this fun fur throw underneath.  It brings warmth and dimension and again, filled the space.


The whole table scape.  Here’s an Honest Tip for you, invest in a good white table cloth.  It can be used for everything and can be bleached.  I also inherited this from Grandma and I use it all the time.  As you can see I do a lot of layering,  it just makes everything look rich, full and fancy! I found the cute milk jars at target. I love the gold polka-dots and for just $8.00 for a pack of 4, I knew they were worth it.  I will used these over and over again. I used regular note cards I had picked up at Michaels for the place cards.  I like to do this at kids parties so there is no fighting over who to sit by and no one gets left out. 

table settinglastly, this is a up close of the place setting.  We added a little chocolate and also put each one of their party favor bags by their plates.  I knew chocolate and nail polish would be a hit with 13 year old girls and I was fortunate enough to find the nail polish on sale at Smiths for $3.00  Pretty inexpensive party favor, but the girls were thrilled. 

Well, there you have! I hope you can take some of these ideas and use them at your next party! Have a great day and thanks for stopping by! 



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